<Kiribati Pavilion in Pacific Ocean Joint Pavilion>

Kiribati originally was ‘the Gilbert Islands’, governed by British government. It was then once colony of Japan, but it later could declare independency in 1979 under the new name of Kiribati. Kiribati is located in Oceania, central tropical of Pacific Ocean, comprising 33 coral atolls with population of 101,998. Its capital is Tarawa comprising about half of the whole population of 43,000. Due to its location on central pacific along with equator, the climate of Kiribati is tropical; hot and humid. However, its sea coast has mostly low-lying coral atolls surrounded by extensive reefs which makes Kiribati beautiful.

On July 12th, Yeosu Expo held “the National Day of Kiribati” in Expo Hall. To celebrate the National Day, Kiribati traditional dance team performed its traditional dance that describes Frigate Bird.

Let’s feel the spirit of Kiribati with some photos!!