[JULY 12] LET’S MEET THE WORLD: Marshall Islands

<Marshall Pavilion>

The Island country, Republic of the Marshall Islands is located in the northern Pacific Ocean, with the population of around 68000 people. Its capital city is Majuro. The country has achieved full sovereignty from the United States of America in 1896. The official languages of the country are English and Marshallese, and the general weather is hot and humid with annual averaged temperature of 27C. Economically, as a few  nature resource, it is generally based on a service economy.

Marshall Islanders are skillful in hand-made souvenirs. Yeony and Suny were so amazed by their skills.

Another amazing fact is being ready for you! The Marshall Islands Pavilion has provided a Cultural show,named Warrior’s Dance, in order to celebrate its National Day. Feel the braveness of Marshal Islands’ warriors.