GET-TOGETHER: Learning Korea

Expo 2012 has almost reached at its middle age with much popularity and is hoped to be able to yield a landmark history as a result of our coordinated efforts. Expo 2012 has created for us a great opportunity to work together to raise our voice for preservation and sustainable use of ocean and coast. Also it has created an excellent opportunity to come across to build-up friendship for better livings.

As the Expo had provided a great opportunity, the invited international staffs, devoting times and efforts for Yeosu Expo, had toured the Yeosu Province.

The first destination was the National Industrial Center of Yeosu where has humongous factories that has spurred the development of Korean industry.

Grrr… Grrr… What a great timing! By the time we had finished touring the Industrial Center, the strange sounds were heard by everyone. It was NATURE SIGNAL of LUNCH TIME! Grrr…. Grrr….

The beautiful beach neared the Yeosu Expo was final destination of the trip. The invited staff fully enjoyed the trip! To remember the pleasant memory, we took a picture! ONE TWO THREE… Everyone did saying”Kimchi” instead of saying “cheese”