The 2nd story: “Like to have first hand experiences? Come to the Yeosu Expo.”

Young generation will guide you the Expo with their understanding from now on!

Time to meet experience facilities – let’s meet the Deep Sea Fishery Park.

The club of “I Love Yeosu” was created by high school students who live in Yeosu. The club consists of 5 sub-clubs – “Youth,” “Earth,” “Ocean,” “Secret,” “U-City.” The combining of first letters of each sub-club’s name makes “YEOSU.”

Note) the following story is originally created by I Love Yeosu Club students.



“Like to have first hand experiences? Come to the Yeosu Expo.”

Experience while enjoying Yeosu and the Ocean ⑤ Experience Facilities


“Want to experience fishery on dry ground? Go to the Deep Sea Fishery Park.” 

If you visit the ‘Deep Sea Fishery Park’, you can see a deep-sea fishing vessel. It’s a named ‘2012 Expo’. If you go inside, you can see a place that is decorated like the steering house of the fishing vessel. If you guess the quiz correctly, you can get the opportunity to operate the machines.


When you get off the vessel, there is a ‘freezing fishroom’ where you can experience a chill. It is the place for processing the tuna caught by the deep-sea fishing vessel. You can see the process of how the tuna, that is more than 1m long, is passed by the conveyor belt to be made into canned tuna.


Don’t miss the ‘traditional fishing gear display’ set up outside. It is the bamboo weirs, palace, and nets that have been downsized, and if you compare them with the modern cutting-edge fishing gears, you would be surprised to see how much things have changed. It is also impressive to see our ancestors’ wise methods to minimize the damages on fish as well.


The photo on the report depicts a student who experiences sailing a deep sea fishing vessel

Yeony and Suny will be back with the 3rd story regarding other experience facilities.

Thank you for reading and thank “I LOVE YEOSU.”