Let’s learn 16 languages with Yeony and Suny!

In Pacific Ocean Joint Pavilion, visitors can learn 16 languages. From 11 o’clock in morning to 6 o’clock in evening, there are tours that explain cultures and environments of 11 countries in the pavilion with the countries’ native languages to visitors. The tours are held eight times a day, and visitors can learn how to say “Hello” in different languages.


Here are some lessons for you!

English===>>>”Hello / Hi” can be spoken as:

“Ko na mauri! Mauri!” in Kiribati.

“Tālofa!” in Tuvalu

“Alii. / Ali” in Palau

“Alo. Alo olgeta [to a group]” in Vanuatu:

“Yokway” in Marshall Islands:

“Elo” in East Timor

 <Pacific Ocean Joint Pavilion>

Most of the countries in Pacific Ocean Joint Pavilion are regarded as victims of the global warming. Especially lands of Tuvalu and Kiribati are sinking under water today. Visitors can realize the importance of conserving marine environment and reality of environmental problems such as climate change. Pacific Ocean Joint Pavilion reflects the theme of Expo 2012 Yeosu Expo very well, so come and let’s think about future of our oceans and coasts together.

<Underwater Post Office>

Meanwhile, Pacific Ocean Joint Pavilion presents entertaining display. Vanuatu shows the only “Underwater Post Office” in the world. Vanuatu Post’s Underwater Post Office is located off Hideaway Island near Port Vila the capital of Vanuatu. Special waterproof postcards are needed so that four trained scuba divers deliver the letters. Isn’t this so cool? Then, visit the pavilion and see with your own eyes! 😀