This is an Emergency! The summer disappeared at Yeosu Expo.

A hot summer is awful for the visitors; it is the biggest enemy for Yeosu Expo. However, we do not have to concern about the heated weather of summer anymore since the iced facilities are waiting for you.

The Climate & Environmental Pavilion has a distance of 16meters long ice tunnel that generates extremely cold temperature and powerful blizzard. The blizzard splashes rough snow and wild windy. It is only required second to get rid of your heated body and give you a feeling of freshness. After the visitors have gone through the tunnel, they will be experienced the actual igloo which is exactly recreated by professionals designers. Aren’t you exciting about the Pavilion?

The fresh glacier is presently shown at Swiss Pavilion. The pavilion has displayed the fresh glacier, collected from Switzerland’s Gnifetti-Spitze Ice Cap. In order to watch the fresh glacier, the visitors have to enter the frozen storage, maintaining the temperature of minus 10 degrees Celsius. The visitors are only allowed to watch it for 30 seconds but it is enough time to cool you down from the hotness.

Are you ready for the facilities? Yeony and Suny are ready!