[July 9] Let’s meet the world: Senegal

Senegal, officially the Republic of Senegal, is located in western part of Africa. Senegal borders with the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Mauritania to the north, Mali to the east, and Guinea to the south. The country’s name originated from Senegal River, which bounds Senegal to the east and north. The climate of Senegal is tropical, including the dry and rainy seasons. Dakar, the capital city, became Senegal’s capital in 1960. St. Louis used to be the capital before it was moved to Dakar when the country gained independence from France.

Senegal celebrates the National Day today, July 9th.

<Mr. Amadu DABO>

         Mr. Amadu DABO, Ambassador in Korea, congratulated today and gave a special speech as a representative of Senegal. Ten other guests from Senegal including Mr. Alioune SARR, Commissioner of Section, and Mr. Babacar DIOUF, Chief of Environment, visited as the representatives. There was an impressive performance on topic of KAGNAleen as well.


           BAKALAMA, a group of artists that performed today, touched the audience. They showed the essence of Senegal. The group was created to support development of a village “Thionck-Essyl” in 1972, and now BAKALAMA represents tradition, culture and history of Thionck-Essyl today.  BAKALAMA reflects Senegal, the united country of diverse ethnics, since the group’s name symbolizes unification and cooperation. They gave dance performances which are very special and joyful dances in their home country. Mbalia and Bougarabou are dances to congratulate the wedding and harvest. Mbindimbio is also a dance for congratulation, though it is for the winner of Senegal’s traditional wrestling battles. Ganialène is a sacred dance to ward off misfortune.


Let’s meet the stage with photos and celebrate Senegal’s National Day!