How to prevent food poisoning!

Hi, everyone! Yeony and Suny have been enjoying the world’s festival, Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea! Now it is really hot summer, so Yeony and Suny wish that our friends could have fun at Yeosu Expo without any trouble. Yes, we have to be healthy to fully joy the Expo! And that’s why Yeony and Suny brought some tips today. Let’s fight against the most unwelcomed guest “Food Poisoning’!!!

The Organizing Committee for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea works hard to never involve a food poisoning accident. They monitor food poisoning virus and examine food items that are vulnerable to high temperature.

Food goes bad easily in the summer, and none of you would want to have food poisoning by eating spoiled drink or meal. We all should be careful especially during July and August, because food often spoils while visitors move to the Expo site. Therefore it would be better not to bring something to eat and finish food that you brought as soon as possible. Of course, washing hands frequently is good.

Be acquainted with these TEN COMMANDMENTS with Yeony & Suny!!

#1. Buy or prepare food that you can eat at one time.

#2. Discard all the food that had [and might had] passed the expiration date.

#3. Throw away the leftovers of the food, do not keep the leftovers.

#4. Drink boiled or filtered water only.

#5. Always wash hands before meals.

#6. Do not store food inside car or car boot, always use coolers, and finish food as soon as possible..

#7. Keep yourself away from street food and bad sanitation facilities’ food.

#8. Try not to bring food in Expo site and have your food as soon as possible.

#9. Buy foods that are kept in the freezer or hit off, and check the expiration dates.

#10. Regular intake of liquids is a must for dehydration especially for people that have weaker immune systems.