Beach Clean-up by International Pavilion Staff

Celebrating its National Day on July 4, the USA Pavilion at Expo 2012, together with Yeosu Mayor Kim Chung-Seog and his staff, led a clean up of “Black Sand Beach” in Yeosu. Joined by more than 70 representatives from over 20 countries, USA Pavilion spokesperson Philippe Cousteau and the Mayor of Yeosu cleaned up the beach. Said Yeosu mayor, “You are already successful by opening your USA Pavilion. Thank you for taking time to clean up our beach. Your efforts are very meaningful given the meaning of the Expo – The Living Ocean and Coast. Your efforts to preserve the beach will be known throughout the world and will go down as history through Expo.”

Philippe Cousteau thanked the Mayor and the town of Yeosu, “This represents our effort in getting together to solve the problem of marine debris.” After the clean up, representatives from the Seychelles pavilion announced they were so inspired by the USA Pavilion’s efforts that they would lead their own clean up during a planned hike in Yeosu.