[July 7] Let’s meet the world: Samoa

<Samoa’s Beautiful Landscape>

The Independent State of Samoa is located in the South Pacific Ocean. It achieved independence from New Zealand in 1962. The country has two main islands: Upolu and Savaiai. The population of the country is approximately two hundred thousand and 72% of them inhabit in Upolu Island, where has its capital city, Apia. Generally, the foreigners visit the country in order to experience its beautiful uncontaminated nature.

<Samoa Pavilion>

<The traditional item that used for cultural events>

Today’s guest of ‘National Day’ event is Samoa. Samoa sets the cultural shows at Expo Hall (International Pavilion Area of A).

Ausiva Samoana, traditional performance team, has created an atmosphere of cheerfulness for its Samoa Day. Let’s enjoy it through the pictures.