The first and the best concert, Expo Pop Festival continues.

           Korea’s first big scale concert “Expo Pop Festival” is very popular among all generations from countries worldwide. The audience is giving fervent supports and is calling for an encore. Korea’s top 70 singer teams are delighting the stages with their hit-songs more than they planned to perform. The Expo Pop Festival is getting attentions as another hot program of Yeosu Expo.


<Miss A>

<Super Junior>

 <Girls’ Generation>

Expo Pop Festival features popular K-POP stars.

           World-famous K-POP singers are making the Expo Pop Festival a festival that citizens of the world love. K-POP stars who are getting popular beyond Korea and Asia are taking great role to make Yeosu Expo successful world festival. Super Junior, SHINee, Girls’ Generation, and 2PM that are spreading throughout Europe, America and the world, are setting the foundation of the world’s important event, Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea.

Various genres are being performed at the Expo Pop Festival.

Upon entering the Expo Pop Festival, people encounter a wide variety of genres from ballad, hip-hop, and R&B to rock and dance music. The stage includes a wide range of musical styles that come together to make a melting pot of music. Idol groups like Infinite, 2AM, A-Pink, Miss A, F(x), and Secret are drawing both girl and uncle fans to Yeosu. Top ballad vocals, rockers, hip-hoppers, and audition stars are attracting all generations.

 <Rain on June 16th>

<Jaurim on June 20th>

<Kim Bum-soo on June 21st>

<Ulala Session on June 21st>

<Bobby Kim on June 25th>

<SHINee on June 26th>

The audience demands an encore and singers perform their most.

The musicians are performing so successfully that the crowds often are shouting “Encore!” after the performances. With such passionate support from audiences, singer teams staged encore performances. For instance, Rain, Kim Bum-soo, Ulala Session, Jaurim, Bobby Kim, and SHINee are going to stage encore performances in July. The huge stage surrounded by sea contributes to amazing concert every night, too. 40m-long sliding stage helps singers and visitors to interact and communicate well. Such advantage often makes singers sing more than they scheduled.

AND here’s line-up for July!

Note) Please note that the following schedule can be altered. This is not fixed schedule!

2PM, Miss A

July 5th

Ivy, Bobby Kim & Buga   Kingz

July 6th

Sung Hoon, Ailee, and Lim   TaeKyung

July 7th

Lee Seung Hwan

July 8th

Lee Eun Mi

July 9th

Brown Eyed Girls, 50kg

July 10th

In, Soon-Ee

July 11th

Girl’s Generation, EXO-K

July 12th


July 13rd

SBS Jung Jaehyung & Lee   Hyori’s You and I

July 14th

MBLAQ, SSam Di, Dynamic Duo

July 15th

World DJ Festival

July 16th

F(x) and   Spring.Summer.Autumn.Winter

July 17th

After School, Jaurim

July 18th

Baek Ji-young, Ulala Session

July 19th

Kim Bum-soo, Shin Seung-hun

July 20th

Super Junior, CN BLUE

July 21st

Word DJ Festival

July 22nd

World DJ Festival

July 23rd

Xiah Junsu (might change)

July 24th

C’est Si Bon 2, Song Chang   Sik, Kim Se Hwan, Jung Hun Hee, Lee Sang Byuk

July 25th


July 28th


July 30th

Jang Yun-jeong, Park Hyun   Bin, Nam Jin

July 31st