<The city of Bangkok>

Thailand is Southeastern Asia country that shares boars with Burma and Laos, Cambodia. The country is a constitutional monarch and 51st largest country in the world. It is also presently a newly industrialized country. The capital city is Bangkok and general climate is tropical.

 <Thailand Pavilion>

Thailand Pavilion in Yeosu Expo decided its theme for Colors of Diversity; Capacity of Thailand which aims for preserving the marine resource. Thailand has been enthusiastically strived to preserve the marine resource for our future. As the effort of the conservation, Thailand is considered as great nature preserved country.

Now, we introduce you the Thailand Day in Yeosu Expo.

In order to celebrate the National Day event, the Thailand Pavilion runs the cultural show today (07/05). The show is divided into four sections: first, Thai traditional dance performance; second, Multimedia show with history of Thailand; third, music competition between Korea and Thailand; fourth, aspiration time for the Ayutthaya Expo 2012.

<Thai traditional dance, Colors of Thai>

<Multimedia Show>

<Music Competition Between Korea and Thailand>

<An aspiration time for the Ayutthaya Expo 2020>

As the Pavilion has provided amazing shows and events, it is greatly loved by the visitors