Yeosu Expo is Opening a Fashion show with World Designer!

The new visional fashion designer, Simay Bulbul kicks off the fashion show at Yeosu Expo!

Simay Bulbul is Turkish fashion designer whose design has stunned the fashion area with her sensational ideas. In Yeosu Expo, she will recall the Keriman Halis who is the first Turkish winner at international beauty contest as opening the ECE collection. As she usually prefers leather to other materials, the collection is mainly emphasized with leather apparels. She believes that this particular event not only commemorates but also introduces Keriman Halis’s beauty to worlds.

Date : July 08

Hour: 6Pm~7pm

Venue: Korean Pavilion

Note) Keriman Halis Ece- was a Turkish beauty contestant, pianist and fashion model, who became Miss Turkey 1932. She was also crowned as the winner at International Pageant of Pulchritude in Spa, Belgium.

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