“A girl of the Sea” is now returning to Yeosu Expo!

<the spectacular scene of the A girl of the Sea>

Due to Yeosu Expo has provided diverse shows and performances, the A girl of the Sea has dropped the curtain, but it is now back to us at Yeosu Expo! It is a Korean creative play that consists of the story of chaos that controlled over the villagers so that innocent girl faces hardship; however, she eventually overcomes the hardship and save the villagers from the chaos. The play is not only a spectacular and intense but also a romantic. It’s widely loved by the visitors. It’s been re-staged at 7:30Pm on the Floating stage of Big-O since the beginning of July. It will be continued until on August 10th.

Note) The stage could be relocated if the weather is in bad condition

<Romantic Ending of the Play>