20,000 signed to support Yeosu Declaration

Good news for the Yeosu Expo!! Yeony and Suny are glad that we collected 20,000 signatures for Yeosu Declaration. We appreciate everyone for participating in. Men and women of all ages singed for the Yeosu Declaration worldwide.

The Yeosu Declaration represents the legacy of Yeosu Expo, with its theme the “Living Ocean and Coast”.  It calls for cooperation among the international community in marine environment conservation efforts. The Yeosu Declaration will be adopted at the end of the Expo at the “Yeosu Declaration Forum” on August 12th. Therefore sign-up is available until August 12th through both online and offline. You can do it at the entry of the Expo Hall, or you can also use QR code via smart phone.

Please sign up for the Yeosu Declaration at ===>>>http://me2.do/5NCmFIS

Let’s protect our marine environment and nature through supporting the move. Join the wave right now. We can make a difference. Support the Yeosu Expo, which seeks the first international cooperation to bridge the gap between developing countries and developed ones to meet the challenges of climate change and ocean.