Ghana is Western African country that shares boarders with Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Togo. The country’s name, Ghana, which means “Warrior King”, is originated from the ancient Ghana Empire. Ghana is the first country that achieved independence from European Colonialism in Africa. Currently, the country is a member of Unite Nations, African Union and so on. Mainly produced product in the country is Cocoa and it is the largest cocoa producers in the world. Generally, the weather is a warm climate and officially, Ghanaian uses English for its language.

Today(July 2nd)’s National Day host is Ghana. The event is holding at Expo Hall of International Pavilion Block A.

The cultural show that Ghana Pavilion has provided is ‘NSHOKE’ which performed by National Fusion Group. The performance is started under the theme of “The Great Wave of Change” which composes meaning of Ghanaian’s past, present and future development with marine resource.