Yeosu Expo gets more fun when it rains.

You can visit Pavilions without a mass of people, meet your favorite singer much more closer than usual days, enjoy street performance teams without moving to somewhere, and experience artificial lightening more dynamic. How? These are all available when it rains at Yeosu Expo!

Yeony and Suny want to tell you interesting contents and performances that are on rainy days.

<YB that performed in EDG>

<YB on LED Screen in EDG>

One. Expo Pop Festival in Expo Digital Gallery.

The show goes on in rain. Expo Pop Festival becomes more closer to visitors, because the stage will be inside Expo Digital Gallery (EDG). Fans can meet their favorite musicians and interact together more than they do outside. LED screen of EDG presents “live” reporting.

<Street Performance Teams>

<Pink Aliens>

Two. Street Performance Teams are coming to you.

Total 130 street performances are entertaining visitors everyday. Since these teams are moving around the Expo Hall, it is hard for the visitors to watch all of these performances. However, things change when it rains. Most of the perforamnce teams gather in International Pavilion and Expo Digital Gallery. The teams themselves come to visitors so that visitors do not have to chase after street performances in rainy days.

Three. Realistic Artificial Lightening of Big-O Show.

You do not have to worry about too warm or humid weather. Of course, you will not get burned either! Visitors can enjoy Big-O Show more efficiently. Especially the artificial lightening will seem more realistic in rain.

Four. Much time and capacity to enjoy the Expo.

Thanks to relatively small number of visitors, you can enjoy Yeosu Expo more. You have time to appreciate Pavilions and all other special displays. Feel free to have the Expo all your own, because there are wide rooms during rainy day.

Sounds great, right? Come to Yeosu Expo even when it’s rainy!