Private Corporations work to bring more visitors to Yeosu Expo

Companies that represent their local community are voluntarily working to land more new visitors to Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea. Taking their special features and advantages, three private companies in Yeosu City are promoting Yeosu Expo. Yeony and Suny expect their efforts would make the Expo successful during the rest of period.

Local private corporations such as GS Caltex, LG Chem and POSCO are conducting programs and events to increase the number of visitors. Let Yeony and Suny introduce their works!

<GS Caltex Pavilion>

GS Caltex, which bought the second most number of tickets among Yeosu Expo sponsors, provides the admission tickets to its employees and their families to encourage participation in Expo. This corporation also invites its superior partners to a two days and one night program to Yeosu. Besides, Yeosu tourists welcome GS Caltex for uploading useful information on the GS Caltex blog.

<LG Pavilion>

Meanwhile, LG Chem with the most number of employees among firms in Yeosu has contributed to attract Yeosu Expo visitors. The firm bought 20 thousand tickets and handed these out to clients, and employees and their families from 11 work places in the country. There is a campaign for Expo going on inside LG Chem as well.

 <POSCO Pavilion>

POSCO hosts invitation events for its home and foreign client companies and manufacturing firms. Also, this company operates special field trip program for Kwangyang Iron Corporation to provide another tour related to Expo. The program is getting popular among visitors, especially these with children.