Every Saturday is Expo SNS Supporters’ Day!

SNS supporters host ‘Expo SNS Supporters’ Day’ on Saturdays.

The supporters will plan and organize the special Saturday event for six times starting on this Saturday June 30th until August 4th, Saturday. The supporters and the Organizing Committee for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea are expecting to strengthen their communication and focus entirely on promoting Yeosu Expo for the rest half of the Expo period.

‘Expo SNS Supporters’ are a group of general individuals which gathered to work voluntarily. Their various talents are donated to promote Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea both online and offline. Supporters’ Day is established to inspire supporters to feel proud of and give opportunities to contribute to public welfare through talent donation.

<SNS Supporters at Expo SNS Supporters Workshop>

On the first Saturday, June 30th, Expo SNS supporters are going to buy tickets worth 700,000 won and donate those to two of children’s center around Yeosu City. Supporters will use the fund which had been set up in the welcoming ceremony for SNS supporters.

<SNS Supporters at the Welcoming Ceremony>