Yeony and Suny are popular among Stars!

Yeony and Suny are the hot Twitterians these days. Many people including famous stars are visiting our Twitter lately.


Yeony and Suny feel like we became Twitter stars, because many celebrities are giving loves and mentions to us through this SNS channel. Let us show you some twits from stars!


SHINee Jong Hyun showed his interest in Yeony and Suny’s cute words and told us about his day. We felt thrilled as he left sweet comments and winked at us! After SHINee’s performance at Expo Pop Festival, he uploaded a photo of Yeony Suny character dolls saying “Kidnapped Yeony Suny”.

<SHINee Jong Hyun>


Another global star SE7EN also showed his interest in Suny, who is a girl, but not Yeony, who is a boy. Suny is falling in love with this attractive singer! He took pictures with both Yeony and Suny after his Expo Pop Festival performance.


Taecyeon from 2PM said hello to Yeony and Suny, too!


Ulala Session, a popular band, had a good time with Yeony Suny through Twitter. Park Kwnag-sun and Yim Yoon-taek (Captain Yim) of Ulala Session had fun with Yeony and Suny. Captain Yim said “See you at the Festival. What do you mascots guys usually eat? We want to serve you sometime~”. Yeony and Suny answered asking for an interview instead of meal, and it worked out!

 <Park Kwang-sun saying “Mascorts are doing Twitter…”>

<Yim Yoon-taek saying “Kwang-sun seemed insane

when he said that mascots are twitting, but that was true…”>

Korea’s top band Jaurim and Yeony Suny had a nice conversation through online as well. Lee Sun Kyu and Kim Yuna visited Yeony Suny’s Twitter.

 <Lee Sun Kyu saying “I am a singer heading to Yeosu”>

<Kim Yuna saying “See you soon, Yeony Suny~”>

Other various stars like YB, Huh Gak, Jewerly Ye eun, and Kim Bum Soo left comments and photos about Yeosu Expo! They are good supporters for Yeony and Suny. What a lucky mascot duo!

 <YB Scott’s reply to Yeony & Suny>

 <Kim Bum Soo’s Twit>

Yeony and Suny thank everyone for loving us so much. We feel so good to represent Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea as the popular mascots!