harmony of western and eastern cultures: Vox Maris

Korean traditional performance team, Play Palsandae will be performed with the world’s largest pipe organ of Sky Tower, Vox Maris. This event is staged at Sky Tower Music Hall at 2:00pm on every Wednesday and Thursday during the rest period of the Expo.

Although Vox Maris has been performing with many western instrumentals since the expo started, it has not experienced Korean traditional instrumentals. This new challenge has a significant meaning for great harmony of Eastern and Western Cultures.

Yeony and Suny believe that it will be the valuable event for the Yeosu Expo!

Following video is from International Media Group, Inc.

Note: Vox Maris, attached at the exterior of the Sky Tower in Yeosu Expo, has world’s loudest pipe organ. This particular pipe organ has recorded in the Guinness Book of Record. Also the Sky Tower that is in the Expo is recycled of useless cement-storage. Now the useless cement-storage is being used for observation platform. It is a sensational for the useless building.