New type of place to stay with cheap price range is now available.

Yeony & Suny introduce you new spots for staying at Yeosu. University residence halls in Yeosu and Suncheon are open to visitors, as these schools are going on vacation. Welcome to new type of places provided by Sunchon National University and Chonnam National University. These new kind lodges would solve the visitors who seek for places to stay with a lot of members.

<Chonnam National University’s dormitory building>


The accommodation is located very close to the Expo site. It is only twenty minutes away! 😀 Chonnam National University opened two student halls for visitors’ use. There are 66 doubles from one hall and 64 six-person rooms from another one. 🙂

<Dormitory building of Sunchon National University>


This accommodation’s low price is the advantage in comparison to that of others. It does not take a time to the Expo site, because the student halls are about thirty-five minutes away. The buildings have 137 doubles and 120 six-person rooms in total. Two residence halls of Sunchon National University are open to visitors like those of Chonnam National University.

(p.s. right side of the photo is Chonnam University.)

All group reservations are available for the university dormitories by calling the following number:

☏ 061 – 665 – 2124, 2125

Or, go to to make a reservation and then you can meet the following page. Good luck!