[June 27] Let’s meet the world: Tunisia

Tunisia, officially the Republic of Tunisia, is located in the northern part in Africa. This northernmost country in African continent is bordered in the west by Algeria, in the southeast by Libya, and in the north and east by the Mediterranean Sea. Tunisia got its name originated from the capital Tunis located in the northeast. This country has great environmental diversity, though it is the smallest country in North Africa. Its climate is temperate with mild rainy winters and hot dry summers. Arabic is the official language, while Tunisian Arabic so called Derja is spoken by the public.

<Mr. Alaya BETTAIEB>

Today (June 27th) is Tunisia National Day, and therefore Tunisia Pavilion hosts special events to celebrate. For this important date, Mr. Alaya BETTAIEB, Secretary of State and Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation, visited Yeosu with 14 representatives including Mr. HAMAM ABDELLATIF, Commissioner General of the Tunisian Pavilion and CEO of TUNISIA REPORT. “MAHDIA GOLDEN SHOW” was performed to make a day fulfilled. ARTISTO, a dance team from Tunisia, expressed the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. The audience enjoyed colorful performances that reflected a Tunisian fisher’s life and traditional Tunisian wedding.

Let’s meet their stage with photos!


<A Tunisian Fisher>

<Tunisian Traditional Wedding>

Tunisia Pavilion presents an admirable mosaic set to all visitors from the world. “Le Dieu Ocean”, the Head of the Ocean God, is waiting for the guests. The mosaic, which is an imitation of the world’s famous masterpiece, is a core content of Tunisian Pavilion at the exposition. There are mesmerizing billboards that help visitors discover the various faces of Tunisia.

<Le Dieu Ocean>

<Displayed Arts at Tunisia Pavilion>