Water performance “Ocean Opera” for modern people living in harsh days.

Opera is being held on the Big-O Floating Stage now!

Yeony and Suny invite you for this unique experience to watch an opera on the sea of Yeosu. Ilotopie, street art troupe of France has performed Ocean Opera since June 20th. The performance will be continued every night at 7:30 p.m. until June 29th.

Ilotopie presents a performance as a tribute to contemporary people. Are you sick of your ordinary harsh modern life? Come and watch the show! The Ocean Opera will touch your heart and make you feel happy. Ilotopie uses the ocean to tell that water is the only free space in cities today. Forget about complicated stuffs and enjoy the world of fantasy and dream at Yeosu.

There is a cabin crew who guides you to the water world. People are walking and cars are moving on the water. And, the hero sitting on a desk represents a modern man who is tired of heartless city life. In contrast, there are a funny looking fairy, pierrot and superman that attract visitors into a watery-wonderland and fantastic city landscape on the water.

Let’s meet Ilotopie’s show with photos!

<Cabin crew>

<Middle: Fairy>



<The hero sitting on his desk>

<Cars moving and people walking in modern times>

Let’s enjoy the world’s best performances with Yeony and Suny!

This is a once in a lifetime chance to appreciate Ilotopie’s Ocean Opera at Yeosu Expo!