Feel free to preview International Pavilions at Yeosu Expo!

Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea is a great opportunity to experience many countries at the same time. 104 countries are waiting for visitors to show various cultures and traditions at the Expo Site. According to so many pavilions to visit and activities to join, most of visitors might suffer to decide which one to go first. Or, some of guests might want to learn about the pavilions that they could not visit yet. Then, here is a fabulous suggestion. What about visiting the websites of all the pavilions primarily?

The followed table includes the homepage, facebook or twitter addresses of the countries at Yeosu Expo. These websites contain detailed explanations with photos. You would feel like you are at the Expo site! Let’s meet the pavilions with different allures.

Enjoy their features, cultures and arrangements on future of marine environment.

Click these and visit a variety of pavilions!

Australian Pavilion homepage
Australian Pavilion facebook
China Pavilion homepage
Thailand Pavilion facebook
Thailand Pavilion twitter
USA Pavilion homepage
USA Pavilion facebook
USA Pavilion twitter
USA Pavilion youtube
Turkish Pavilion homepage
Turkish Pavilion facebook
Russian Pavilion homepage
Russian Pavilion faceboook
Oman Pavilion facebook
Singapore Pavilion homepage
Singapore Pavilion facebook
Singapore Pavilion twitter
Monaco Pavilion facebook 1
Monaco Pavilion facebook 2
Belgian Pavilion facebook
Danish Pavilion homepage
Italian Pavilion homepage
German Pavilion homepage
Swiss Pavilion homepage
Swiss Pavilion facebook