Well-known for the world’s greatest welfare state, Denmark, officially called the Kingdom of Denmark, is a sovereign state in Northern Europe. The country has two overseas constituent countries of Faroe Island and Greenland, composing the kingdom. Sweden, Norway and Germany share the border with Denmark and its capital is Copenhagen. Denmark has a temperate climate, having mild winter and cool summer. Also, the length of the day with sunlight varies greatly due to northern location of the country. In summer time, there are 20 hours of daylight per day but it has a short daylight in winter. The country is mainly occupied with dairy business, iron and steel industry and ocean transportation.

What is your first thought when someone mentions Denmark? Many of people will think Lego.Yes! Lego is originated from Denmark. Interesting fact is that there is a Lego section in the Pavilion. The section in the Pavilion is decorated with Lego and the displays are dramatically fantastic.


It is not over yet! Another interesting fact is ready for you!

Today, Denmark Pavilion hosts a National Day in Yeosu Expo! It provides diverse events for the visitors!

The magic show was staged by Jesper Grønkjær who has been performing the show over 20 years in the world. 

<Magic Performance>

House of Asterion, named from greek mythology is theatre group that presents educational plays. It is greatly loved by children audiences in Denmark!

<House of Asterion>

One of global rising rock bands, Ginger ninja plays electronic sounds of music. Its music is sensational for Denmark.

<Ginger Ninja>