Are you curious about history of World Expo?

The word, BIE is an abbreviation Bureau International des Exposition in French.  In Yeosu Expo, we have a BIE Pavilion which provides history of the World Expo. Now let’s meet the BIE Pavilion through the pictures.

When you first enter the Pavilion, you will see the timeline of the World Expo Exhibitions.

<It contains 160years history of World Expo Exhibition.>

The old creative inventions are also displayed in the Pavilion.

<Invention of locomotive Rocket>

There is a section that introduces BIE members of  160 countries.

<Displaying a BIE members of 160 countries>

The visitors of BIE Pavilion

<Visitors are enjoying the BIE Pavilion >

In the end of the Pavilion, there is information for Shanghai Expo Museum and Milano Expo in 2015.

<The last word from the Pavilion>