[Notice] All about New Admission Tickets and Discounts

For your convenience, Yeony and Suny prepared a guideline – all about newly created Admission Tickets to the Yeosu Expo!

Before you learn what new admission tickets are introduced and how much you can be discounted, check the following terms first.

☞ Starting from June 22

    –  Standard Day-Group Pass: KRW 5,000

        (Applicable for groups of youths (students), children, and seniors)


☞ Starting from June 25

    –  Evening Pass for Adults : KRW 10,000

     –  Discounted Evening Pass: KRW 5,000

       ( Applicable for children, youths/college students, and seniors

        Not admitted to re-enter the Expo site)


☞ Starting from June 28

    –  Afternoon Pass for Adults: KRW 20,000

    –  Afternoon Pass for Child/Youth/College Students/Senior: KRW 7,000

    –  Group Pass only for a group of foreigners more than 10 people :KRW 10,000 per person

    –   Group Pass for 4 Adults (together): KRW 120,000

         (Discounted by 10% compared to when tickets are individually purchased)