[June 24] Let’s meet the World: Lithuania

Before introducing Lithuania, let’s look at what the Lithuania Pavilion shows us in the Yeosu Expo. The Lithuania Pavilion gives a feeling of mythical golden country, El Dorado since the pavilion is decorated with lights that give off a golden gleam. Moreover, its country’s famous jewel, amber is displayed in the Pavilion, attracting the visitors.

<One of ambers exhibited in the pavilion has lizard in it and this is priceless according to a staff.>

To celebrate Lithuanian National Day at Yeosu Expo, Lithuania Pavilion brought a dance sports team, “Zuvedra” which is affiliated with Klaipėda University in Lithuania. During 1995-2006, the team was in the top 3 places in European and World Latin formation championships and has given lots of concerts in European countries. Today’s Zuvedra performance directed their stage as seagulls which do not lose their speed while flying elegantly.

Let’s meet Lithuanian elegance with some photos!



 Lithuania is a country located in Northern Europe, bordered by Sweden and Denmark to the west; Latvia to the north; Belarus to the east and Poland to the south. The capital city is Vilnius and its official language is Lithuanian which is one of the only two living languages in Baltic branch. Lithuanians are basically Baltic people. The country was originally included into Soviet Union but it declared independence in 1990. Its weather is a relatively cold. The country’s economical growth rate is the highest among the European Union. The country is mainly devoted to develop the biotechnology which is an economical base of the country.