[June 23] Hola! Spanish-speaking Cool guys Gathered at Yeosu Expo.

Today (June 23) at the Yeosu Expo site, people who speak Spanish, 15 Spanish-speaking countries that participate in Yeosu Expo finally gathered to celebrate the “Spanish Language Day” which started from the summer in 2009.

A little more information is here => http://me2.do/GDvucfa

Let’s meet their passionate! and exciting day with some photos!!

<At EDG (Expo Digital Gallery), people gathered to start this special day. Look at the ceiling of the EDG showing special images to celebrate Spanish Language Day!>

<Needless to say, Yeony and Suny were popular among international gathering. Haha! Yeony is wearing a memorial t-shirt, thank you guys! >

<Flamenco shown in front of the Spain Pavilion>

<Que Hermosa!! – meaning “How beautiful!”>

Now it is turn to introduce the Argentina Pavilion’s hosting of Spanish Language Day!

<From the left – festival, friend, thank you, hi, life, ocean, water – in balloons at the Argentina Pavilion>

<Argentina’s Tango>

The highlight of Spanish Language Day – Spanish Song Contest!

<At Ocean Plaza, people gathered to cheer up their friends who participated in the contest.>

<Participants made Yeony, Suny and audience pleasant with their dance and song.>

<Audience as well as participants had fun altogether!>

Today, Yeony and Suny realized the Expo is the world’s festival and people from different backgrounds can be friends once again!

Tonight, Yeony and Suny can sleep peacefully and pleasantly with another happy memory!