[June 22] Local government’s day: Busan

<The night view of Busan – from the official web of Busan City Hall>


The City of Busan celebrated the Local Government’s Day yesterday (June 23).


Busan is the second largest city in Korea, with approximately 3.6 million people. This city is located in the southeastern tip of the Korean Peninsula. In terms of geography, Busan is a gifted city with beautiful landscapes of a coastline with beaches and cliffs, and mountains. Busan’s natural environment is a great example that achieves harmony among mountains, rivers and sea. Visitors and residents can enjoy excellent views here in Busan. Also, the smooth tides and deep harbor of Busan helped it to become the largest port in Korea and the fifth largest in the world. Literally Busan’s natural heritage and location contributed to the city’s noticeable development. The city is a word class city today!


To celebrate today, there were a variety of performances. For this special date, modern and traditional dance performances made a beautiful harmony. First, B-boys showed dynamic breaking dances. Since Busan is known as the B-boys’ home, the performance of B-boys today was remarkable. And then, traditional cultural dance performances were followed. Elegant Korean court dance and entertaining traditional Korean outdoor performances were impressive. 

Let’s celebrate Busan’s Local Government’s Day altogether!