[Notice] Super Discount Promotion!

A huge discount on the Whole Season Pass and the Evening Pass will be given!

The services for the foreign visitors are also going to be improved.

☞ Discount Tickets

The following table shows how much you can be discounted.

Note) Whole Season Pass Promotion starts from June 28.

Note 1) Evening Pass Promotion starts from June 25.

Note 2) The term of Evening Pass sales is extended to end of Yeosu Expo. (Evening Passes were previously supposed to be sold only in June.)

☞ Advantages for foreign visitors

Also, some advantages will be given for travel agencies which attract a group of foreign visitors. The details for those who visit the Expo through that kind of travel agency are the following:

–       Guarantee to tour 2 pavilions which are applicable to the pavilion pre-reservations

–       Provides reserved seats for concert or performance held during Yeosu Expo.

For international students staying in Korea, rooms at dormitory in some universities in Yeosu will be preferentially offered.

☞ Last thing to notice!!

The opening hour of the Expo is changed this changed system will start from June 25.

–       Weekdays: 8:30 – 22:30

–       Weekends: 8:00 – 22:30