[Notice] On June 23th, the New Pavilion Pre-reservation System will be applied!

Please read through below to understand this new pre-reservation system.  


The applicable pavilions for the new pavilion pre-reservation system are the following 8:

Aquarium, DSME Marine Robot Pavilion, Theme Pavilion, Korean Pavilion, Climate & Environment Pavilion, Marine Industry & Technology Pavilion, Marine City & Civilization Pavilion, and 3D Aquarium

Note) each ticket is only allowed to reserve two pavilions per day.

☞ Date

The new pavilion pre-reservation system will start on June 23th at 6 am (Korea time).

Visitors who purchase Expo tickets on June 23 either online or offline are able to reserve the pavilions for dates from June 28th to July 7th.

Following table will help you to understand the new pavilion pre-reservation system clearly.

You can understand the following chart like this – when you try to reserve pavilions on June 24, the available period of pavilion reservation is from June 28 to July 7.

Note)Reservation is not available if it gets full.

From June 28, visitors are able to make a reservation in “two weeks” advance.

☞ Importance

The advance booking is only available online for 30 percent of visitor capacity of the eight pavilions each, and for the time period of 1:00 to 8:00 pm (seven hours in total).

The current first-come-first-served system will continue to be in effect in the morning time (until 1:00 pm) to give opportunities for visitors, who come to the Expo site early in the morning and wait in a line, to enter the eight pavilions.

☞ Improvements

With the previous reservation system, visitors could reserve pavilions only with 15-digit number printed on the admission ticket.

However, the new system will allow visitors to book exhibitions with the numbers given for pavilion reservation at the time of online purchase of an admission ticket. Reservations are available with the numbers marked on the admission ticket, as well.

Note) Those who bought the ticket earlier than June 19, can also make a reservation after getting 15 digits of number by clicking “Search the 15-digit numbers for pre-reservation” at the official website of Yeosu Expo (http://eng.expo2012.kr).

There is one more thing you should note!

With the new pre-reservation system, the cancellation of pavilion reservation is now possible.

Under the previous online reservation system visitors could cancel the reservation until 6 pm on the previous day of the trip. However the new system allows reservations to be canceled beyond the above-mentioned time.

The reservation is only allowed to be made until 6pm on the previous day of visiting, but cancellation is available.

For pre-reservation, go to the following: