Today was Uganda’s National Day in Yeosu Expo!

Before Yeony and Suny start to introduce a National Day which hosted by Uganda Pavilion, let’s begin with brief description of Uganda.

The Republic of Uganda is a country that surrounded by other African countries. Uganda is located in East African and shares borders with Kenya, South Sudan, Congo, Rwanda, and Tanzania. The name of country is originated from the Buganda kingdom. Its capital city is Kampala where the pollution is highly concentrated. The general whether for the country is a tropical wet and dry climates and the interesting fact is the average temperature of winter season is higher than the average temperature of summer season. Economically Uganda has regarded as one of the world’s poorest countries but after its country’s economic reform, economic growth has been incredibly increasing. This particular reform is small step for the world, one giant leap for Uganda.

The Uganda Pavilion has organized its traditional performance, Ngoma Ya Mungu. Ngoma Ya Mungu, meaning God’s drum, is musical performance team that provides its country’s unique and traditional sound. The show was contained meaning that music makes one which reflects its country’s hope of peace. The Uganda Pavilion is located in the Joint Pavilion of Atlantic Ocean. Now, let’s tour the Uganda Pavilion through the pictures.

<Uganda Pavilion in the Joint Pavilions of Atlantic Ocean>


<a passionate stage of Ngoma Ya Mungu  >