Yeosu Expo begins ‘hands-on’ project for the living ocean with the USA

<USA Pavilion Student Ambassadirs and staff>

A team of USA Pavilion Student Ambassadors practiced the theme of Yeosu Expo to protect the living ocean and coast by cleaning-up the Yeosu beach. The student ambassadors contributed to sustainability and enviroment, which the Expo focuses on. To succeed such environmentally friendly program, the City of Yeosu is having the ocean purification movement.

On June 25(Monday) the ocean purification movement will be held around the Big-O Floating Stage. The movement will be done from 4pm to 5pm, and divers will clean up the trash in the deep sea around the Big-O Stage.

In prior to the purification movement, the Seapower League of the Republic of Korea hosts an environmental campaign on June 23th in Odong-do park with 11 volunteer organizations from Yeosu, wishing for the successful management of Yeosu Expo. Volunteers will pick up trashes and divers will collect underwater garbage. Besides, there will be a campaign being targeted at visitors and citizens of Yessu!

The movement is expected to be a great follow-up on the USA Pavilion’s Studennt Ambassador program on last June 15th.  Hopefully the series of events to clear trash around the ocean of Yeosu will promote the vision of Yeosu Expo.

Let’s make the clean ocean and coast in our own hands! Join the campaign to conserve marine environment. The campaign will take place through the park’s entrance from the exhibition venue.