2nd Story: Trip to Yeosu with “Yeony and Suny”⋅14

Yeony and Suny came back with the second story of “I Love Yeosu”

Then, enjoy how young generation understood the Expo now!

Today, GS Caltex and LG Pavilions are going to be introduced!

The club of “I Love Yeosu” was created by high school students who live in Yeosu. The club consists of 5 sub-clubs – “Youth,” “Earth,” “Ocean,” “Secret,” “U-City.” The combining of first letters of each sub-club’s name makes “YEOSU.”

Note) the following story is originally created by I Love Yeosu Club students.


GS Caltex looks fantastic outside, LG looks wonderful inside.

<GS Caltex Pavilion>

As you can see above, this is <GS Caltex Pavilion>, which is familiar with Yeosu citizens. GS Caltex is the largest scale company in the Yeosu national industry center. If you go inside, you can see the main show room. There is a 360-degree cylindrical screen installed there. It is very impressive.

 However, GS Caltex Pavilion looks better from outside. You can see 380 and 18-meter blade scuptures outside. It seems that the rice continues to grow. Amazingly, whenever we touch a blade, the surrounding blade colors are changed.

<LG Pavilion>

Wow, you can see fantastic screen chandeliers when you enter the <LG pavilion>. 54 TVs installed on the ceiling represent the four seasons’s beauty, each moving in regular pattern. I feel proud of LG’s power, “display technology”.

By the way, this is not all of LGs cutting-edge technology. Surprisingly, LG introduced portable washing machines and make-up pens made from flower’s. Also, don’t miss to visit the rooftop garden.

**News written by the group, ‘ILOVEYEOSU’ : Lee Jeonggi, Kim Jihun, Bak Hanbin, Bu Changbin, Jeong Chan. Guidance teacher : Park Yongseong


 Yeony and Suny will be back with the 3rd story regarding other Corporate Pavilions.

Thank you for reading and thank “I LOVE YEOSU.”