<Audiences to come enjoying Expo Pop Festival >

Dutch Pop-Jazz singer, Wouter Hamel once again has captivated the audiences!

The stage was fully filled with sweetness of his voice and his irresistible and captivating attraction has melted the hearts of female audiences! If you are listening to his song, a sweet serenity will come over to you!


Korean Rock Band, YB showed its soul of Rock at Yeosu Expo!

Yeony and Suny were drowned in the intensity of YB! In fact the leader of YB, Yoon Do-Hyun had an accident that injured him the day before the concert and pain was too harsh for him to perform at the concert. He had to end up deciding on whether or not to hit the stage. However, he continued the concert for the visitors who came to see YB. He went emergency room and had to take a painkiller in order to hit the stage. Although he had a huge pain on his body, the concert was amazing and the visitors also satisfied the performance.