What makes Russian Pavilion Special?

<the visitors of Russian Pavilion are watching a promotion video of the Pavilion>

Russia has been participated in Expo since the Paris Expo of 1900. As it shown, Russia is always one of the important countries in Expo and the Russian Pavilion has been regarded as the greatest pavilion in many Expos. In Yeosu Expo, Russia Pavilion is one of the most populous event halls as well. According to the record from yeosu Expo, the mean daily visitors for the Pavilion are around 4200 people. Since the Pavilion has been attracting many visitors, many high-dignitaries also have visited the Pavilion. As the dynamical popularity, the mass media has reported that the Russian Pavilion is the essential place for the visitors in Yeosu Expo.

The Russian Exposition slogan, “Ocean and Man, A Way from the Past to the Future”, aims at expressing the exhibition concept in an interesting and understandable for the Korean, as well as for the most Asian people, way. Its concept for Yeosu Expos is “way” which includes philosophical and ethnical meaning for Korean. It’s the sound system of moral and cultural norms that establish the development of a man and society in general. It also includes meaning of four principal areas: the history of the ocean exploration; utilization of the ocean today; harmonious coexistence of man and the ocean.

The mascot of the Russian Exposition is a tiny polar bear with irresistibly friendly smile and a water-made cube is selected as logo for the Expo as well.

<Images of mascot and logo>


The Pavilion mainly explains new technologies that allow human to easily collect new natural resource from the undeveloped areas such as south and north poles. The most important exhibit in the pavilion is a 3D model of the deep submersible, Mir, which is considered as one of the most remarkable geographical achievements in the mankind history.

<the deep submersible, Mir>

The official Russian pavilion website will explain you more about Russian Pavilions. <http://me2.do/xpq9ZzM&gt;