Naval Parade Festival!

Last weekend, Yeony and Suny were at special parade that performed by Korean Military Associations including Naval Band, Honor Guard, Marine, Underwater Demolition Team, and Ship Salvage Unit in Yeosu Expo. This event was celebrating for Naval Day in Korean so many brains of the armed forces in Korea attended the event to celebrate the Naval Day.

<Navies wearing white uniforms  first entered the parade show!>

<Performing a powerful parade gives visitors feel the energy of soldiers.>

<Uniform of UDT>

<Special force of navy>

<At the end, the SSU closed the parade and they definitely did not disappoint the visitors.ip Salvage Units>

The parade was grand and restrained performance and also had a very significant meaning for the Korean armed force. Yeony and Suny once again felt that Korean soldier’s  dynamical powers and inexorable braveness.