Girls’ Generation Seohyun promotes the UN Pavilion at Yeosu Expo.


Korea’s sweetheart will visit the Yeosu Expo on June 20th to endorse the UN Pavilion. Girls’ Generation’s youngest member Seohyun will view the UN Pavilion and meet other visitors face to face to achieve her duty as a promotional ambassador for the UN Pavilion.

Seohyun said “I will do my best to raise awareness on how important it is to preserve the maritime environment” when she was appointed as an ambassador last May. She will practice what she professed, and will have a signing event and photo time with her fans as well.

Let’s visit the UN Pavilion and meet Seohyun! Take this chance to learn about the UN and its various activities. There will be also an exhibition of UNHCR (the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugee) to mark World Refugee Day.