Expo Pop Festival on a voyage!


Expo Pop Festival is on a voyage with a successful beginning on June 16,  at Yeosu Expo special stage. About 20,000 came and enjoyed the opening stages by the world star Rain! and sweet singer Park Hyo-Shin, KCM and Nine Muses.

Expo Pop Festival hosts a series of concerts every night @ 8:00 PM.

Korean pop starts including top idols, musicians, and bands will make your visit at Yeosu Expo “unforgettable”.

Rain will come back and give an encore performance during the Expo Pop Festival. While Rain is gone, Expo Pop Festival will continue its successful voyage with a variety of top artists. Truly, Korea’s famous singers like YB, 2AM, Jaurim, Kim Bum Soo, Jay Park, and Seven made the nights at Yeosu fabulous. Their wonderful performances will be followed by stages of  other talented musicians and hot idols. If you are a fan of “Korean Wave”, you must be looking forward Girl’s Generation, SHINee, 2PM, Miss A, Super Junior, F(x), and so on.

Let’s meet Rain, who opened the Festival!

<Rain’s showcase >


<Fans of Rain>


Do you want more about Expo Pop Festival? Let’s enjoy the stage of the first night with some photos!



<Nine Muses>


<Park Hyo-Shin>


Here are the the list of schedules of K-pop stars coming to Yeosu Expo during this summer!

<LINE-UP> Please note that the following schedule can be altered depending on unpredictable conditions on the spot!


Bobby Kim, Gummy

June 25th

Infinite, SHINee

June 26th

Lee Seon Hee, Lee Seung Gi

June 27th

A-Pink, Hue Gak, U-Kiss

June 28th

Davichi, Vibe

June 29th

Jang Sa-ik

June 30th


Jo Kwanwoo, BMK

July 1st

Park Mikyung, DJ Koo, Chae Yeon

July 2nd

IU & Son Danbi

July 3rd

Bu Hal

July 4th

2PM, Miss A

July 5th

Ivy, Bobby Kim & Buga Kingz

July 6th

Sung Hoon, Ailee, and Lim TaeKyung

July 7th

Lee Seung Hwan

July 8th

Lee Eun Mi

July 9th

In, Soon-Ee

July 11th

Girl’s Generation, EXO-K

July 12th


July 13rd

SBS Jung Jaehyung & Lee Hyori’s You and I

July 14th


July 17th

Super Junior, CN BLUE

July 21st

Stay tuned and enjoy more! ♬ Bring your friends and family!



<Park Jae-beom>

<Girl’s Generation>