Trip to Yeosu with “Yeony and Suny”⋅14

Hello, this is Yeony and Suny!

Today, Yeony and suny are going to share reports made by high school students who live in Yeosu. They made a club named “I LOVE YEOSU” which consists of 5 sub-clubs – “Youth,” “Earth,” “Ocean,” “Secret,” “U-City.” The combining of first letters of each sub-club’s name makes “YEOSU.”

This will help you understand how teenagers learn and experience the Expo.

Let’s meet their vivid story!

Note) the following story is originally created by I Love Yeosu Club students.


“Imagination generator, invite you to Korean Corporation Pavilions.”

You can see the future of humanity in 2012 Yeosu Expo. ④ independent Corporation Pavilion.

<The very first ice cream at Yeosu Expo!>

Someone says that the Expo is ‘exhibition of imagination’. That’s right. If we dream about something special, it will come true. Um… no, so to speak, We can make our imagination a reality. We have seen this in human history. It is in the Expo that we can see this history.

Called ‘exhibition of imagination’, Yeosu Expo shows various inventions like telephone, television, computer, rocket, elevator and ice cream. What kind of inventions can we see in Korean Corporation Pavilions? Aren’t you curious about them?


“POSCO is heavy, LOTTE is light.”

<Posco Pavilion>

When you go through the main gate, first you can see <POSCO Pavilion>. POSCO Pavilion looks like a nautilus. When you enter the white Pavilion, you feel fresh because there is no door. You can see the blue and wide ocean through the windows.

In POSCO Pavilion, watch “Triton” carefully. It is an artificial fish’s home made by the by-product of iron manufacture. After these are placed near Geomun Island, we can find a lot more marine life than before. I want our fishermen to make much money.

<Lotte Pavilion>

While you feel heavy in POSCO Pavilion, it seems that <LOTTE Pavilion> is very light. So you feel as if you flew to the sky. There is a huge hot-air balloon and a big screen waiting for you.

Although we can’t ride in a real hot-air balloon, we can enjoy ‘an imaginary experience’ in a balloon revolving 360 degrees. I think LOTTE’s technology is superior to any other company in the IT sector.


**News written by the group, ‘ILOVEYEOSU’ : Lee Jeonggi, Kim Jihun, Bak Hanbin, Bu Changbin, Jeong Chan. Guidance teacher : Park Yongseong


Yeony and Suny will be back with the 2nd story regarding other Corporate Pavilions.

Thank you for reading and thank “I LOVE YEOSU.”