[June 16] Let’s meet the world: Equatorial Guinea

<Beautiful sunset of Equatorial Guinea>

One of the smallest countries in Africa, Equatorial Guinea, officially called Republic of Equatorial Guinea, is located in Middle Africa. Equatorial Guinea is generally divided into two parts: a continental region including small islands and an insular region consisting large islands. The capital city, Malabo is located in insular region, with a fast growing population. It shares boarder with Cameroon and Gabon. As you known from the name of country, the general whether of the country is a tropical climate. The economy is in poor condition but after the discovery of large oil reserves in 1996, the economy growth is dramatically increasing.

Today (June 16), this small but beautiful country hosts National Day at Yeosu Expo! They celebrated their stage with African powerful rhythm! Equatorial Guinea has participated in Yeosu Expo within a Joint Pavilion of the Atlantic Ocean.

Now, Yeony and Suny introduce their celebration performance and pavilion with some photos!