[Notice] Here are tips for foreign visitors –Tax Refund!

The Organizing Committee for Yeosu Expo announced that most of the shops operated at the Expo site provided a service of Tax Refund for foreign visitors.

Tax Refund is a system where foreign visitors can get refunds when they leave Korea with what they purchased in Korea at a price of more than 30,000 won. In other words, to refund your paid tax in Korea, you have to have the products purchased in Korea at a price over 30,000 won when you leave this country.

If you wonder what to do and what to ask for this service, read the following information carefully and do not forget to refund taxes before you leave Korea.

  1. At the Expo site in Yeosu, there exists “Tax Refund Desk” only for foreigners where foreigners can receive a statement which should be submitted to a customs. Also, some shops issue the statement directly to their customers.


<Tax Refund Desk>

2. You have to have your receipt and passport in your hand when you visit Tax Refund Desk to ask a statement. “Tax Refund Desk” is located at “Participants Management Center” located in the 2nd floor of International Pavilion A. The operation hour of Tax Refund Desk is from 9:00 am to 11:00pm.


<Receipt and passport are required>

3. Foreign visitors who receive Tax Refund statement (Tax Refund Cheque) are eligible to ask tax refund at departure lounge.


<Tax-Refund Cheque>

4. For 3 departure lounges (one in Incheon International Airport and two in International Cruise Port within Yeosu Expo site), visitors can get tax refund and exchange Korean currency to their currency.

5. For other departure lounges excluding above 3, the authorities concerned with tax refund will send your tax refund back to your bank account in your country after you submit your application for tax refund to mail box at the applicable departure lounges.

Then, where should you go for smart shopping? “Easy Tax Refund” sticker indicates the shops eligible for Tax-Refund.


<Easy-Tax-Refund sticker>

Check the attached file for shops available for Tax Refund at the Expo site!


Direction to Tax-Refund Desk is followed:

1.  Go to International Pavilion A under the Expo Digital Gallery.


2. You will find a red directory board that tells you Tax-Refund Desk is on the second floor.


3. You will see Switzerland Pavilion and Ukraine Pavilion on the second floor.


4.  You will arrive at Participation Management Center, if you go further into the hall.


For further information, call: 061-659-4124