<Night view of Berlin>

Germany, officially called the Federal Republic of Germany, is a federal parliamentary republic located in central Europe. The country has 16 states and the capital city is Berlin. The general weather of Germany is seasonal climate. German is also well-known for major political power of the European continent and technological leader in many fields. German has world’s fourth largest economy market and second largest international trading system.

<Visitors of German Pavilion>

German Pavilion is one of the most popular Pavilions in Yeosu Expo and has been visited by many different countries’ famous people such as UN Environmental Program Chief Operating Officer, Achime Steiner, German secretary of economy, Frank Horch, etc. The main title of German Pavilion is ‘Seavolution’ which is combined two words of Sea and Evolution. ‘Seavolution’ includes meaning of new evolution of sea by new technology. The Pavilion is arranged into following three key areas: Coast, Marine Ecosystem, and Resource. The visitors have been amazed when they put their first steps into Coast area because the floor of the area dramatically recall them feeling of real sand. Under the floor has a smooth sponge that leads visitors to experience very similar feeling of walking on the sand. In Marin Ecosystem and Resource areas, Pavilion provides promoting film taken by submarine robot for the visitors and information of relatively unknown marine resource of manganese nodule. These events lead German Pavilion as the most populous event halls in Yeosu Expo. The highlighted show in the Pavilion is experiencing simulated ocean depth. The new technology only available in German Pavilion provides the visitors to feel almost same atmosphere of deep-sea.

Now let’s tour German National Day in Yeosu Expo 2012. Today, German Pavilion hosts the National Day in Yeosu Expo and it has prepared various events. Last night on June 14th, the German Band, Juli already had an opening ceremony for German National Day in Yeosu Expo.

<German Rock band of Juli>

This morning, the German National Day at the Expo, the Hamburg formation “makinaV3” and the Bavarian combo “ZiehGäuner” performed at the official ceremony. With “makinaV3”, the laptop met the trombone, clarinet, washboard and singing. The band presented a mixture of electric and jazz, while daring to reinterpret both genres. The original instruments from the New Orleans style become a live remix of traditional jazz recordings with house and techno elements. With innovative sound combinations and their compelling style, “makinaV3” delighted festival visitors and clubbers, as well as swing fans.

< Innovative Sound of  makinaV3>

The “Ziehgäuner” combine ska, Balkan beats, funk and reggae with Bavarian dialect. The band originated as a street music combo, which travelled through Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Austria in 2008. In their pieces, the “ZiehGäuner” combine foreign sounds with presumably familiar sounds, thereby putting them into a new context. On the stage, the band delighted the audience with dance performances, as well as leading them into another world with appropriate accessories. The “ZiehGäuner” will also lead the daily parade of the marching bands through the Expo site on 16 June.


The band of international German school in Seoul, Korea also performed in the Pavilion today.


<Students from German international School in Korea>