Luxury international cruise are arriving at Yeosu Expo!

<Image of Victoria Cruise>


The Chinese visitors around 2100 people who live in *Yangtze Delta where it is Chinese version of Beverly Hills will be arrived in Yeosu Expo by international luxury cruise, Victoria. This is not a first time of Victoria Cruise arriving at Yeosu. It has been visited in Yeosu Since June 5th and the company of Victoria Cruise continues to operating cruise to Yeosu during the Yeosu Expo. Victoria Cruise will be operated three times more to Yeosu by following schedules, June 29th, July 4th, and August 2nd.


*Yangtze Delta is generally comprises the triangular-shaped territory of Wu-speaking Shanghai, southern Jiangsu province and northern Zhejiang province of China

Following schedule is all international cruise arriving at Yeosu during the Yeosu Expo.