The new season of street performing festival has arrived in Yeosu!

<Street Performances In Yeosu Expo>

The new season of street performing festival has arrived in Yeosu!

Unfortunately the first season of Street Performing Festival has culminated in Yeosu Expo but do not worry, there are upcoming events of new season of Street Performing Festival.The new performance teams are coming to International EXPO 2012 Yeosu Korea. They are ready to perform at Expo. The new street performance teams including Circoactivo, Company with Balls, Panjul, Yaberyo, Gaet Dol, Go-Do, Oamaru, and Egg Phantom are expected to be having a great performance.


The comical-circus show has been performed by Circoactivo since the beginning of the month. The Circoactivo’s performance fascinated the audience by its ridiculous actions and gestures. The performers also invite the audiences to join the show so that they are easily harmonized in the show. Circoactivo will be continuously performing until June 18 at BIE EXPO x EXPOS.

 <Company with Balls>


Company with Balls which is well known for huge dancing parade has successfully performed in Europe. They will perform the parade until July 7th and the parade will be organized in plazas and streets scattered at Yeosu Expo.

<Mr. Kim Tae Kyun is performing PanJul>


The Korean traditional performance of tight-rope walking, ‘Pan Jul’ is first performed by Mr. Kim Tae kyun who is professional ‘Pan Jul’ actor in June 8th. He is performing every weekend and will continue until July 8th.



Japanese Juggling Champion, Yabe Ryo has won several world competitions of juggling. In Japan, he is called as “TV Champion Juggling King” and he currently performs his show in various countries. His Juggling show is held on June 11th to July 13th at main squares.


Another interesting street performance team is Gaetdol which is Korean traditional performance team. The team has performed the traditional plays. In Yeosu Expo, they will be performing comical plays “Pumba Pumba”. If you want to feel traditional Korean play, it will be a great opportunity for you to watch the play. Do not hesitate and just come visit Gaetdol. It is scheduled on June 12th, at Expo Hall and is continued to July 11th.

6/12 -7/11

If you are waiting for powerful dance, strong beat, and smooth mime, you should visit Godo.  Korean dance team, Godo starts to show its performance from 6/12 to 7/11 at Expo Hall.

6/12 -7/21

Are you ready for the surprising event?  Another Japanese juggler is ready to perform his show in Yeosu Expo. Unlike Yabe Ryo, Oamaru is more likely to be a creative juggler. His performances have both creativeness and joy.  He had performed in various Japanese festivals including World Cups. Starting on June 12, the creativeness of Oamaru will surprise you in Yeosu Expo.

<Scary apparels of Egg Phantom>


The last new performance team in Yeosu Expo is ‘Egg phantom’. The performance of Egg phantom is abstractive of modern society’s dream.  This show is performed until June 19th.