An angel volunteer from Argentina helps out with the Yeosu Expo


Hola, Yeosu Expo!

Mr. Kim Suk, a middle aged man from Argentina, visited his home country Korea for the first time after 30 years and decided to help out with the expo. He translates languages and guides foreign visitors. He will go back to Argentina on June 29th, as soon as he is done with volunteer work.

When Mr. Kim began to volunteer for the Yeosu Expo, he didn’t expect his act of good will to turn into such a hot issue. Also, volunteering at the Expo was not as easy as he thought. He said that he respects other volunteers at the Yeosu. “I am impressed with people that took time out of their busy schedules to help and that did not lose heart under the hard circumstances.”

Every word of his speech reflected his passion about the Yeosu Expo.

“I certainly believe that the 2012 Yeosu Expo is the best customized for visitors with a lot of events and a variety of contents. Visit and enjoy the world festival.”

There are many considerate and helpful volunteers like Mr. Kim Suk to help your tour. Meet Mr. Kim and ask him about Argentina, too!