Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea Official Commemorative Stamp!

<Image of Yeosu Expo Official Commemorative Stamp>

Yeony and Suny issue a memorial stamp for Yeosu Expo.

The memorial stamp that Yeony and Suny issued is used new technology skills of Near Field Communication* and Augmented Reality*. The book of stamps contains 33types of memorial stamps, and ten of them are NFC and AR skills applied. Those of new technologies applied stamps show additional electronic contents such as high quality video and 3D photograph through using smart phone. Yeony and Suny truly believe that the stamps commemorate the event of Yeosu Expo and become historically valuable reminder. The book of stamps can be purchased in Yeosu Expo and also in post office across the country. The stamps will be issued until end of Yeosu Expo.

* Near Field Communication (NFC) is a set of short-range wireless technologies. NFC allows you to share small payloads of data between an NFC tag and a smartphone device or between two smartphone devices

* Augmented Reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.