Fish experts invite you to become a professional by using barcode inside body of fish.

Fish Barcode of Life World Conference (FISH-BOL) will be held this week from Tuesday, June 12th to Thursday, 14th. Korean Ocean Research and Development Institute (KORDI) cooperate with International Fish Barcode of Life Campaign and The Ichthyological Society of Korea (ISK) to create a room for world’s experts to examine their researches and discuss effectivity of Fish barcode for the first time. The conference will be held in Conference Hall, International Pavilion C at the Expo exhibition area in the city of Yeosu.

Fish DNA Barcoding is a technology using DNA sequences (A, G, C, T) of fish to identify species. DNA-based identification enables people to tell fish regardless of whether the fish is in development stage or manufacturing process. The FISH-BOL’s goal is to invite the public to fish DNA barcoding and its use for taxonomy, phylogeography, and forensics. The conference will have the world’s renowned fish scholars like Robert Ward, Robert Hanner and Mutsumi Nishida as keynote speakers; and such guests are generating a lot of interest. It is also a great opportunity for the FISH-BOL to draw much more attentions from the public; since, the conference on fish barcode will take place during the biggest marine exposition, 2012 Yeosu Expo.